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  • Preparing your Booklet Artwork for Print

    27th October 2015

    Make sure you get your booklet printed on time by following this quick guide to preparing your booklet artwork for print

  • Printing and Designing stylish wedding invitations with a modern twist

    14th August 2015

    No piece of printed stationery is likely to be valued as highly as a wedding invitation. It is an item that provides a glimpse in to a couples special day, giving guests an idea of what is yet to come!

  • The story behind the printed wedding invite

    14th August 2015

    Your wedding day is all about sharing it with your closest family and friends. This makes your wedding invite one of the most important parts of preparation for the big day. Here's a quick history of the printed wedding invite

  • designing and printing a ‘destination’ wedding invitation

    14th August 2015

    Whether it is a beach location under sunset, or a crisp snowy destination, choosing to get married outside of the UK is becoming exceedingly popular. This adds a whole new layer to the planning side of things and also means that there are many more things to consider when designing your wedding stationery.

  • creating the perfect wedding invitation

    14th August 2015

    Your wedding is likely to be the biggest and most important day of your life which means you want it to be perfect from the first to the last detail. Your wedding invitation is the first insight your special guests will get in to your big day – from your theme, to your personality, to your colour scheme. Your invitations can also say much more about your wedding, so make sure you get them right.

  • 5 ways to keep your business stationery on trend

    14th August 2015

    Business stationery has a bad perception. It is often thought of as boring, bland and certainly not a fun and engaging way to utilise print. A letterhead might remind you of an invoice, and you might expect a business card to be dull and lifeless. Why not use this negative perception to your advantage by taking customers by surprise, making your materials both striking and engaging. Think beyond a simple logo and make your stationery grab attention, and earn you customers.

  • Poster printing is a top marketing tool

    14th August 2015

    Business is competitive and you need to be able to stand out by utilising every possible avenue. It is vital that your promotions, services or events are clearly seen and noticed by potential customers and printed merchandise such as posters are a great way to do so.

  • Choosing a printing method for letterheads

    14th August 2015

    You may have noticed printers talking about digital and lithographic printing. These are the two main printing methods for small format print and both have benefits and drawbacks. Digital printing is often a great choice for printing items such as leaflets and posters in small quantities up to around 1000 copies as it is a much cheaper alternative to litho printing.

  • Our top five tips for making the most out of printed stickers

    14th August 2015

    Printed stickers are an effective and inexpensive way to optimise your brand. However first they need to be designed and implemented correctly. Here are our five top tips for getting ahead with your sticker marketing.

  • Boost your brand with printed stickers

    14th August 2015

    Everyone has their own sticker memory, whether it was collecting them in to an album, being given a sticker for a big achievement, or simply getting a free sticker with a new exciting purchase. Stickers are fun, flexible and easy to use, plus they have this magical appeal that just makes you feel like you ‘have to’ have one!

  • How to get maximum stand out from your printed materials at events

    20th July 2015

    How to get maximum stand out from your printed materials at events

  • How to design a printed poster

    20th July 2015

    Designing a poster for print can seem like a daunting and unfamiliar task, but following a few simple rules can help you stay on track and produce a fantastic poster

  • All you need to know about flyer printing

    20th July 2015

    A flyer is a simple form of paper advertising, often referred to as a leaflet. They are a cost-effective and easy to distribute form of marketing commonly distributed around public places or used at events to promote your business.

  • Writing a great design brief for flyers

    20th July 2015

    Whether you are designing your flyers yourself or you are leaving the creative in the capable hands of a professional designer, you need to start with a clear and concise design brief.

  • The benefits of printing promotional flyers

    20th July 2015

    Printed flyers have been around for years and there’s a good reason why they are still so popular with businesses and that is due to their ability to communicate to the mass population in a simple and cost-effective way

  • Our 10 top tips for creating promotional flyers

    20th July 2015

    Here's a quick article to help you make the most out of your printed flyers. Here are 10 simple tips for you to follow to ensure you have a flyer to successfully promote your business

  • how creasing paper can prevent cracks

    20th July 2015

    Paper cracking or fibre splitting are flaws in a print job which can occur when paper requires folds for items such as leaflets and brochures. These flaws require a plan of action to ensure a high quality finish is produced, and creasing is exactly that solution.

  • 3 types of booklets you need to know about

    20th July 2015

    You find brochures and booklets in every walk of life, from magazines and catalogues, to guide books and manuals. They are a useful tool for many businesses and can be used to showcase your company to potential clients.

  • the perfect paper for your printed booklet

    20th July 2015

    Choosing the perfect paper for your printed brochures. A printed booklet is a fantastic marketing tool and can act as a beautiful showcase for your business. Creating a stylish design with functional content will ensure your brochure grabs attention and engages with your customers

  • Top Tips for Printed Booklets

    20th July 2015

    Creating a well designed and high quality printed brochure can help to promote your business, attract new clients and inevitably lead to increased sales. However a brochure needs to function as well as look good, the content as well as the aesthetics must truly sell your business and give you the best possible opportunity to turn leads in to sales.

  • Bound Booklets and Folded Leaflets

    20th July 2015

    Printing booklets or folded leaflets?: Together some simple descriptions to help you understand the terminology and decide what format is best for you.

  • Common mistakes made when producing a leaflet

    20th July 2015

    With our experience in managing and printing leaflets for our range of clients we have noticed the frequent errors that are regularly made when printing leaflets. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you end up with a leaflet which is eye-catching and works functionally as a marketing tool.

  • Creative advice to design a fantastic event leaflet

    20th July 2015

    Printed leaflets are a great way of promoting an impactful marketing message and are both easily distributed and cost effective. Here are some design tips to get you going

  • Making leaflets work as a successful marketing tool

    20th July 2015

    Printed leaflets are a well established piece of marketing collateral which have been printed and distributed by businesses for years, and it is due to their success that they are still a very popular method of communicating your company values.

  • StuPrint's guide to ordering and distributing leaflets

    20th July 2015

    A well-designed and high quality printed leaflet could help your business by successfully positioning your brand, enhancing your marketing potential and engaging with your target audience. Here's how

  • Printing a high quality business card is important for your business

    20th July 2015

    A business card is a reflection of your business and is often the first time a potential client will get an insight in to your brand. Handing over your business card says ‘this is me, and this is what I represent’.

  • How to design an unforgettable business card

    20th July 2015

    How to design the perfect business card:'s guide to designing and printing a great business card

  • 3 top tips to design the perfect printed banner

    20th July 2015

    Here at we are experts in the banner printing field and we want to share our insight with you to help you make the most out of your printed banner

  • printed banners can improve your promotional activity

    20th July 2015

    Printed banners are the perfect way to showcase your brand to the world and enhance your promotional needs. is here to explain how

  • Our top 5 tips for designing a calendar for print

    10th July 2015

    We have put together a top tips to design a eye-catching printed calendar to both grab attention, and hold on to it!

  • The power of poster printing

    6th July 2015

    What is a poster? Whilst printed posters can be just graphical or typographic often they are a mixture of both used to promote or advertise any given subject, message or event. Here's a quick article to show how they might be able to help you

  • Website with free stock images and photos

    26th October 2012

    Great websites for free stock images


    18th September 2012

    StuPrint Offer! We're trying to spread the good word about's great value, low cost print work. Get a 25% discount off your next order by advertising us on your website. Unbeatable value!

  • Printing and VAT: which printed products do you have to pay VAT on

    31st August 2012

    Which printed products do you have to pay VAT on? VAT does apply to some printed products…but no all of them. This is a short blog to tell you which printed products carry VAT and which do not. Lets all try and keep HM Revenue and Customs happy together!

  • Print Management- Helping print suppliers and print buyers

    31st August 2012

    The UK printing industry is an interesting one. There are three key players- the customers, the producers and the middlemen. The last group may on first sight seem like wasted space but this article is here to show you that middlemen in this industry (print brokerage firms) are of massive use to both, helping buyers and suppliers get the absolute most out of their time and resources. In essence, they are absolutely central to the UK printing market. Read more to find out why…

  • The Future of Printing- Augmented Reality Printing!

    30th August 2012

    We keep our ear to the ground here at and we’ve heard murmurings of some very interesting developments in the world of print marketing. Let me introduce Augmented Reality Printing:

  • A little bit of printing help - Getting the most out of your Graphic Designer

    30th August 2012

    A large proportion of the design work that we get across our desk has been created by, or at least tweaked by a graphic designer. If you are considering taking one on then it is crucial to understand exactly what is expected of you as a client. The following article will explain how to go about constructing a design brief that will ensure you get the absolute most out of your design budget.

  • Printing Terms: What is a Bleed?

    29th August 2012

    A Bleed is another one of those printing terms that you, unfortunately, have to be aware of. What is a bleed? How do you put a bleed on your artwork? Why are bleeds important? What happens to the bleed during the print process? It really is very simple so read on to find out…

  • Preparing your artwork for print

    29th August 2012

    To get the quickest turnaround times on your print order, we ask that you meet a couple of small but important criteria. Fortunately, they couldn’t be easier…

  • Flyer Design Tips with

    29th August 2012

    Flyer printing is often an integral part to any print marketing campaign. The results of a well-designed flyer and a well-executed flyer campaign can be extraordinary. But at the other end of the spectrum, poorly designed flyers can make the whole process completely pointless. Here at we have seen the whole spectrum of flyer designs so have a read of this article to get an idea of how to make sure your flyer budget is fruitful.

  • Printing Explained: Image resolution, DPI, Dots and Pixels:

    27th August 2012

    Printing Explained: What are Pixels? What is DPI and what does DPI stand for? What is a good image resolution? These terms are important if you’re trying to put together the best artwork possible. is here to give you a helping hand!

  • Printing Terms: What does GSM mean? Which GSM or paperweight is right for me?

    27th August 2012

    The term GSM is far from explanatory but you can guarantee that it will come up when talking to any printer worth his or her salt. This neat little article aims to explain the exact meaning of GSM. What does GSM mean and what does it mean for your printing?

  • Glossary of Print Terms

    27th August 2012

    We here at deal with customers wanting to buy print almost 24/7/365. It is a very regular occurrence that a customer will not have actually bought print before. In instances like this, we are aware that the print industry can be very confusing. It is simply full of jargon. You might have a perfect idea of the printed product you want but you might not know exactly how to actually ask for it. This article is a simple glossary of the printing terms that we know from experience our customers have not known or understood straight away.

  • Placing an order with really couldn’t be easier. But just to get you started, here is a brief walkthrough….

    22nd August 2012

    Placing an order with really couldn’t be easier. But just to get you started, here is a brief walkthrough….

  • Printing Terms: Spot UV Gloss/Varnish

    22nd August 2012

    Go big with your flyers and posters and try spot UV varnish. This little article will explain what is it and what spot UV can do for your print marketing.

  • What is a Self-Cover?

    21st August 2012

    This is just a quick little article to explain yet another bit of printer jargon. But read carefully because it’s these little terms that can make all the difference!

  • The difference between RGB and CMYK

    21st August 2012

    What is the difference between RGB and CMYK? These print acronyms can be tricky to navigate sometimes! Fundamentally, RGB and CMYK are different color printing processes. They describe the actual printing process itself. Still confused? Then read on…

  • Get To Know Online Printing

    20th August 2012

    Online printing has taken the print market in a completely new direction. A new generation of customers now put their print budget in the hand purely online printers. We know there is a huge range of online printers out there to choose from and the choice can indeed be daunting. This article is here to lay out the facts of online printing. Read carefully!

  • Building your Brand and Getting the Most of Print Marketing

    20th August 2012

    So you’re setting up or developing your business? What should you be focusing on? How do you develop a brand? How do you get people to engage with your brand? If your service or product is the best then people should know you’re there. This article is here to help. has had thousands of great (and not so great) brand concepts come across it desk…and we’ve picked up a few things. Furthermore, as a small print company setup by students (for students!) in Oxford, we know a fair bit about the trials and tribulations of developing a successful brand and getting it out to the public. We also know the sheer importance this can have for any small business. So listen up- here we go…

  • Printing Online: New StuPrint Website

    1st July 2012

    Online printing just got a little bit easier

  • Edinburgh Fringe Printers

    8th June 2012

    If you're putting on a play at the Edinburgh Fringe this year then look no further for all of your print media

  • Printing this Week

    15th May 2012

    Some of our favourite artwork from this week....

  • A quick walkthrough's new website

    14th May 2012

    Online printing has never been this easy...but just in case, heres' a quick video for y'all

  • A brief history of printing

    14th May 2012

    We found this brief history of printing (presented by Mr Weasley fyi). If you are (extremely)bored, then check it out....

  • cheapest flyer printing

    13th December 2011

    The cheapest flyer printing around...

  • Discount Flyer Printing

    13th December 2011

    Get your discount flyer printing with

  • StuPrint's Facebook Page

    9th December 2011

    Check out on Facebook to get first look at our upcoming deals!

  • Market your play or event!

    30th November 2011

    Giving you that extra bit of!

  • Online Printing vs. The High Street:

    29th November 2011

    Which printer is the one for you?

  • StuPrint Discounts!

    29th November 2011

    See inside for more details...!

  • Instant Quoting vs Bespoke Quoting:

    28th November 2011

    Quoting your print job: how does it...

  • Green printing

    28th November 2011

    Green printing-what does it mean to be an environmentally responsible printer?

  • Where has come from?

    25th November 2011

    A bit of our personal printing history for you...

  • The Greenest Greens: Vegetable based inks

    25th November 2011

    The Greenest Greens: How our printing inks keep us environmentally friendly

  • Online Printing Explained: Digital vs Lithographic printing

    24th November 2011

    Take a look inside the state of the art printers that help produce the best printing around

  • Preparing your print

    23rd November 2011

    To get the quickest turnaround times on your print order, we ask that you meet a couple of small but important criteria. Fortunately, they couldn’t be easier…

  • Online Printing Explained: Paper sizes

    22nd November 2011

    Paper sizes and printing: There’s not a lot to worry about with regard to paper sizes when using We have compiled a helpful list of all commonly used paper sizes. We're able to print all of them!

  • New Website Launched!

    10th April 2011

    We've given our site a makeover!

  • FREE Delivery

    8th April 2011

    We are now providing FREE Delivery on
    all our products.