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Our top five tips for making the most out of printed stickers

14th August 2015

Printed stickers are an effective and inexpensive way to optimise your brand. However first they need to be designed and implemented correctly. Here are our five top tips for getting ahead with your sticker marketing.

1. Work out your aim
It is important to establish a goal for your stickers, so ask yourself the question ‘what are you trying to achieve? Stickers can be used to create awareness, show off a discount, encourage a call to action or simply just as decoration. Whatever your goal, make sure you keep this in mind when you are creating your design as well and choosing a suitable size, shape and stock for your printed stickers.

2. Make them useful
Adding value to your stickers makes them more than just a self-promotional item, but allow your customers to have a reason to use them. This means they are more likely to take notice of them in the long term rather than just having a one off use. The sticker could be used as a reminder, or with an area for customers to write in to be personalised. Find an added value that suits your brand and bring this to life on your sticker.

3. Think about the shape and size
Stickers come in all types of shapes and sizes, from small round stickers, to larger die-cut shapes. Think about how your audience will use them and where they will fit, for example if they are being given out at an event they need to be small enough and easy enough to pop on your jumper or bag. Whereas a sticker designed for a sports drinks bottle might benefit from a long thin shape to wrap around neatly.

4. Keep it simple
Stickers are all about making an impact. Cramming a sticker full of content will make it look messy and uninviting. Make sure you show off your logo clearly, giving your brand that added value. For campaign stickers, a short snappy message will go a long way and make your stickers memorable. Don’t use too many colours, but instead choose a minimal number of strong striking colours to get your stickers noticed from a distance.

5. Be clever with your distribution
Once you have your stickers designed you need to get them out there. Utilise your own space and merchandise as much as possible, placing them on your posters and leaflets, but also look further afield for clever ways to place your stickers in order to get the most attention and create the biggest impact. You may be able to partner up with other companies, or utilise paid advertising spaces to showcase your stickers. Think outside the box, and place your stickers in simple places that people view on a daily basis without even realising it.

At we have years of experience in printing high quality stickers at competitive prices and to tight deadlines. We are happy to offer our advice and help you make the correct choices to make the most of your printed stickers.




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