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Printing a high quality business card is important for your business

20th July 2015

With so many low-cost, low-quality business card printing options out there it is very easy to decide to go with a generic design and get a flimsy poorly printed result. Whilst it is cost effective it could actually be detrimental to your business as this business card would send a negative message about your choices to your customer. It says that you have opted for a budget low quality option and don’t have enough confidence in your brand to produce a business card you can be proud of.


Your business card is part of your brand identity and this should be seamless from your website, to your company booklet; event banners to your letterhead. If you choose a poor printing option for your business card it could reflect on your whole business and make you look inexperienced and unprofessional. It is a common misconception that choosing a high quality print means forking out on a hefty price, however there are actually a lot of good quality yet good value options available too, just ask!


At we use the best quality printing options producing a crisp and detailed colour finish and would print your business card on to a 350gsm or luxury 400gsm board. We can offer a range of finishing options from spot UV to a matt laminate for that added premium feel. We can also bespoke each job to your companies printing requirements using coated or uncoated stock to make sure it reflects who you are as a business.


Whilst it might not be as cheap as an off the shelf option, choosing a reliable print company means you are opened up to choice including card stock, special finishes and die cuts as well as knowing you will get a premium printed result for your business card allowing you to stand out from your competitors and really say something about your business. Please feel free to get in touch for more infromation!





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