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How to design an unforgettable business card

20th July 2015

Business cards are one of the most used pieces of traditional stationery. They can help you strategically get ahead with a customer and leave a lasting impression on potential new clients. It is because they are such an important item that you need to make sure yours stands out from your competitors. With the rise of DIY business cards software and websites, it is easy to choose a generic template and create a mediocre business card which will not get a second glance and end up shoved in a draw or more likely in the bin.


You may be unaware that there are a number of fantastic printing techniques as well as some simple easy to follow design principles which will help you produce a business card to be proud of, one that will end up in a wallet rather than the bin. Here are 8 top tips on how to design and print a business card that will leave a lasting impression.


1. Get the design right!

The design is vital as it needs to showcase you and your business. Make sure you set up the design with good high resolution images (this incudes your logo!) and keep all copy at least 5mm from the edge. Your copy should be short and simple and use a nice but clear typeface. Business cards can be printed right up to the edge, so you can use colour to stand out, but often a stripped back design can be the most effective.


2. Get the creative right

Unlike printed posters and leaflets, you only have a small space on a business card so make sure you use it well – this doesn’t mean cramming it with content but it does mean getting creative with the layout. The usual suspects will be your name and contact details so position them to maximise stand out and make sure your branding comes across on the design.


3. Get the set up right

At we will help advise you on how to set up your business card. Your business card should be supplied with at least a 3mm bleed, this means the colour is set up to run off the design and ensures the printed design goes all the way to the edges avoiding any minor alignment issues. This is a common mistake, so make sure your designer sets up the bleed and crop marks for print.


4. Choose a material

Our traditional business cards are set up to 85mm x 55mm and are printed on a 350gsm or a luxury 400gsm board. These feel great in your hand making sure you look professional and prepared. However there are a range of alternative materials you could look at if you really want to stand out with some companies even choosing to print on wood, metal or plastic.


5. Choose a special finish

A special finish can put that added extra on to your business card. Choosing an emboss or a foil block effect can produce a premium tactile feel, or opting for a spot UV or using neon or metallic inks will create a visually exciting look. The added expense is worth it to have a business card that stands out from the crowd. At we can advise you on the best option for your business card – just ask!


6. Choose a die cut

A die cut can be used to change the shape and style of your business card. You can create a cut out aperture for your logo, add a quirky bespoke shape or choose a soft rounded corner to the edges.


7. Make it functional

Your business card could be more than just a business card. Consider making it functional - working as a bookmark, a magnet or a card holder – adding an extra function could make the difference between something a client looks and once or looks at daily.


8. Get your artwork right

There is nothing more frustrating that getting your amazing show-stopping business cards printed and then noticing a spelling mistake. It is essential to closely check your artwork, making sure your logo and images are high res, your colours are set to CMYK or Pantone depending on your print choice and the copy is correct.



A business card is often the first item a potential client will see. Make sure it is creates the best impression possible, is consistent with the look and feel of any other printed materials such as banners, booklets and leaflets and is truly unforgettable.






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