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Wiro bound booklet also known as coil bound and spiral bound

    High quality printed booklets get your content noticed

    Welcome to our booklet printing quote page. Printed booklets allow you to share specific details about your company, event or product. Also referred to as printed brochures, magazines or catalogues, our comprehensive range of booklets suit any purpose. They're the perfect print tool when you want to get your point across.

    Our high quality booklets are available in a range of paper weights (100gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm and 300gsm) for both the cover and inner pages. Furthermore, our booklets can be printed on different sized paper including A4, A5, A6, DL etc. Our booklets and brochures are offered in four standard finishes: Gloss, Silk, Matt and Uncoated. Maybe considergoing for a luxurious, professional look with thick, glossy covers that offer a striking contrast to lighter inside pages. Or if you're on a budget why not consider a cost-effective self-cover booklet option? With dozens of booklet options at your fingertips you can create brochures, magazines and catalogues that are perfect for your needs.

    It couldn't be easier to price your printed booklets using our instant quote system. Just select your booklet print specifications, add the number of copies you require and click on 'Get a Quote' to see a full range of quotes in seconds. Be sure to include the booklet cover when you select the number of pages. is one of very few printers to offer both digital and lithographic brochure printing services. Simply put, our advanced booklet printing equipment allows us to offer cost effective solutions for any size of booklet print run - whether you're ordering 10 brochures or 10,000 catalogues. Select our digital printing option and is able to deliver your printed booklets within just 24-hours of receiving your print-ready artwork. Perfect for that last minute product launch! Booklet printing really has never been this easy. Read more

    Customize your Order:

    Which paper size would you like for your printed booklets?: We offer a range of paper sizes for our booklets with the most popular ones found right here on our website. Choose from A-series paper (A6, A5 and A4) or DL (Din Long) which is a third of a page of A4. The exact sizes of these booklets are as follows:

    A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) [Portrait orientation only]
    A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm) [Portrait or Landscape]
    A6 (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm) [Portrait or Landscape]
    DL (9.8 cm x 21 cm) [Portrait or Landscape]

    Please be aware that the prices here on our site are for A4 portrait booklets only (bound down the long edge). Landscape A4 booklets need to be bespoke quoted and are only available from our lithographic press so please just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    We also offer booklets in other sizes including 14.8cm and 21cm squares. Just get in touch if you would like us to quote for these.

    How many pages do you require for your printed booklets? “pp” means “printed page” and the number of pages/pp is the TOTAL number of individual sides in your booklet. So, for example, a 12pp A5 booklet is 3 pages of A4 paper printed double sided, stacked on top of each other, stapled and folded to A5. This gives your booklet 12 printed pages of A5. Please note that this number includes the booklet’s cover, even if you have selected a different paper weight below.

    The number of pages in your booklet has to be divisible by 4. The reason for this is that booklets are made up of folded and bound pieces of paper. When you fold a piece of paper in half you have, in printing terms, 4 pages (front cover, inside front cover, inside back cover and back cover). Don’t get too bogged down with this though, we can always insert blank pages if required to bring your booklet up to the correct number.

    Do you need more than 64 pages? Just get in touch and we will get a bespoke quote together for you. Please be aware that booklets with more than 64 pages are better suited to perfect binding rather than double stapling.


    What paper would you like to use in your printed booklet?: with StuPrint’s booklet printing service we offer you a range of paper weights to choose from. Furthermore, you can make a selection for both the cover section and the inner pages. For example, a popular selection for booklet printing is to have a thicker cover relative to the inner pages. 300GSM cover with 140GSM inner pages is a well-liked product, perfect for orders of service, product catalogues or yearbooks. The thicker cover is also gives an element of durability to the booklet and a premium look.

    “Self-cover” booklets (where the inner pages are the same weight as the cover pages) are also a frequently ordered type of booklet and represent great value for money. These booklets are popular for newsletters, comic books, catalogues and brochures. We tend to recommend 140GSM or 170GSM throughout for self-cover booklets as it provides a good level of durability. If you are printing a booklet with a large number of pages then we recommend 140GSM as it prevents issues with binding and folding. It will give you a nice, sleek finish.

    We are able to produce booklets where the covers are thinner than the inner pages though this has not historically been a very popular product.

    All of the paper weights (GSMs) on offer here can be written on with a ball point pen. Please be aware that fountain pens cannot be used on our Gloss or Silk papers.   


    Paper finish options for your printed booklets: As with the colour options above, we have a range of paper finishes that can be chosen from for both the cover and the inner pages:

    A shiny, reflective finish to the paper that shows your booklet artwork in a great light. This finish really helps the colour stand out.

    Professional, premium and luxurious, silk coated paper reflects less light than the gloss option above so give an arguably more business like finish.

    Matt coated paper has a smooth dullness to it giving your booklet an utterly professional feel.

    Raw paper with no coating to it. Please be aware that this paper is subject to availability as supplies can sometimes be strained.

    We can offer separate paper finishes to cover and inner sections of your booklet. Please be aware that different paper finishes can add to your turnaround times on the lithographic press.

    Which binding option would you like to use on your booklet? Binding refers to the way in which the pages of your booklet are held together. We have three different options available:

    Double Stapling (a.k.a. Saddle Stitching): This is by far and away our most popular method of booklet binding. Quite simply, two staples are fired through the spine of the booklet prior to folding. This keeps the pages firmly and neatly together. Double stapling is the most cost-effective method for booklet binding. It is suitable for binding up to 64pp of booklet content (depending on the GSM being bound).

    Perfect Binding (a.k.a. Glue Binding): This method of binding is primarily used for holding together of many pages (64pp and up). After the pages of your booklet have been gathered, adhesive is applied to the spine area and the cover applied on top of that. This keeps all the pages of the booklet securely together. This method is perfect for booklets with many pages because it alleviates issues with page creep that you would otherwise find with saddle stitching.

    Wire Binding (a.k.a. Coil Binding): This method is perfect for booklets, manuals and brochures with many pages. Holes are drilled down the left hand side of the booklet’s pages and a wire/coil is then threaded through. It is the coil that keeps the pages bound together.

    *Please note that we do not currently have prices for Perfect or Wire bound booklets here on our website. Please simply contact us by phone or by email if you would like us to quote for this work.*


    Colour location options for your booklet: We can offer our printed booklets with separate colour options for the cover and inner page sections:

    - All pages of the booklet printed in colour: perfect for artwork with lots of photos or logos.  
    - All pages of the booklet printed in Black and White: perfect for booklet printing on a budget. On the digital press, Black and White printing uses less ink than colour so your quote comes down.
    - Colour cover, Black and White inner pages: Your cover is arguably the most important section of your booklet so keeping this in colour can be a great option to consider. This option suits designs with lots of black and white text in the inner pages. This represents excellent value for money, especially if your booklet has a large inner section.
    - Black and White cover with colour inner pages.

    Augmented Reality booklet printing. See your booklet come alive with our brand new, high-tech offering. Find out more here...

    Delivery of your printed booklets offers a comprehensive selection of turnaround times that allow you to choose booklet printing that suits your time frame and budget. For example, with our express digital booklet printing service we're able to deliver to your designated address just 24-hours after we've uploaded your artwork. Our standard booklet printing service is the ideal cost effective solution, and brochures perfectly printed on our lithographic press will be with you within 4 to 5 working days. Whichever booklet printing option you select, you can rely on careful printing of the highest quality. All orders are delivered by our trusted courier service, and we offer next day delivery to any UK address. It's also worth noting that StuPrint can also offer same day printing in North, East, South and West London.

    Booklet printing to YOUR specifications

    Our handy quotation system allows you to choose from our most popular printed booklet formats, including size, page number, paper weight, finish and binding. However, we realise that some of our clients require something a little different. Perhaps you'd like a specific printed booklet size, booklet finish or even booklet shape? Just get in touch with our friendly team by e-mail or phone and we'll ensure that you receive booklets that are tailored to your personal requirements. In most cases, quotes for customised booklet printing can be organised within just a few minutes.

    We can help with your artwork

    At we are always happy to help with any aspect of your printed booklet design. We check every single piece of artwork rigorously before we send it to print. If we find any small glitch we'll contact you immediately to help get your order back on schedule. Kindly bear in mind that problems with artwork can add to your estimated turnaround time. Take a look at our useful guidelines to ensure that artwork for your magazines, brochures or printed booklets is in the correct format before you order.

    To make things easier for you, we've put together a comprehensive range of free booklet design templates. These templates are available in PDF and PowerPoint formats, and are completely print-ready.

    Using our booklet ordering service

    Our booklet printing quote system is the first step in's quick and easy ordering service. Just select your booklet print specifications, enter the required number of copies and click on 'Get a Quote'. Within seconds you'll receive a complete range of quotes. After deciding on the price and turnaround time that best suits you, just add it to your booklet to your basket. Pay safely and securely (our system uses industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption) and then upload the artwork for your printed booklets. It's as easy as that! We'll also keep you informed through every step of your order's progress. - our booklet printing service

    At we're proud to offer an extensive list of printed booklets. We work with the entire range of paper finishes and weights for both the cover and inner pages, and can produce printed booklets of any size at competitive prices that won't put a dent in your profits. Basically, we're fantastic at booklet printing!

    Beautifully designed, well-printed booklets, brochures, catalogues and magazines play a crucial role in promoting your company, event or product. They're appealing, attractive and user-friendly, and printed booklets are the best way to get a large amount of organised information across. However, because of the complexity of booklet printing and binding, they do sit towards the more expensive end of the print spectrum so you need to get your message across clearly to get the most from your print budget. With that in mind, here are 3 useful tips for designing your booklets.

    Exciting text content

    You have more space for your unique content with booklets, brochures, catalogues and magazines than with any other printed product. Ensure that you get all your pertinent points across clearly and in an appealing manner to really make the most of this space.

    An eye-catching design

    Catch people's attention! Your cover is the first thing that people see, and it should make them want to open your booklet. Be creative! Try different photographs on the front page, or add a humorous or intriguing caption. This page is a terrific source for stock images, and you can also find FREE booklet design templates to get you started here

    Mix and match print specifications

    At we offer a wide range of cover and inner page print options to help you create original and exciting booklets, magazines, catalogues and brochures. Try varying paper weight or finish between the two to give your booklets a customised feel. You'll find more helpful booklet cover ideas in this article

    Some help with booklet printing:

    -If you're booklet printing then you'll want to make your producing something stylish, engaging and professional. Choosing the right paper weights for your booklet's cover and inner pages is very important so why not take a quick look over this booklet printing article

    -Get your booklet printing on point with StuPrint's 8 top tips on turning your brochure into a successful marketing tool. It covers all you need to know on bringing your booklet design to life through identifying your target audience. offers 3 different types of booklet printing related to the way the booklets are bound: wiro-binding, saddle stitching and perfect binding. This article walks you through what you need to know when printing booklets.

    -What is a self-cover and why might it be the right option for your booklet, brochure or magazine printing campaign? Check out the details on self-cover booklets here

    -Bound booklets or folded leaflets? StuPrint offers both options but which one is right for your print campaign? This helpful little article will help you decide which one is right for you.

    More great products from offer an exciting range of printed products such as flyers, leaflets, business cards, banners, letterheads, posters, calendars, menus, invitations and stickers at highly competitive rates. See what's on offer at Our Products. has thousands of satisfied customers in locations throughout the UK, including Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cambridge, London, Durham, Oxford, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Brighton, Manchester and Milton Keynes. We'd love to add you to that list!

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