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Booklet & Brochure Printing


Welcome to our page for great online booklet and brochure printing. We offer wide range of printed, folded and spine-bound items. Here you will find instant quotes for booklets, brochures, catalogues and magazines as well as order of service for weddings and funeral programs.

Professional Service

Whether you’re looking to publish a magazine, send a product catalogues out to your customers, or produce a manual to accompany your products, we offer a service that is hard to beat. We offer professional yet low-cost booklets with a wide range of paper and card stocks (100gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm and 300gsm) and finishes (gloss, matt, silk and uncoated). Furthermore, we’re able to offer all traditional print sizes from compact A6 up to large-format A4. The majority of our sizes are available in portrait or landscape formats.

All Run Sizes Covered

We offer both a digital and lithographic/off-set booklet printing services. Simply put, our cutting-edge equipment allows us to offer cost effective solutions for any size of print run. With our express digital printing option, we are able to deliver your order within just 24-hours after uploading your print-ready artwork.



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Booklet Printing with The Details

The products you’ll find on this page represent our entire range of multi-paged, spine-bound items. These products cover a wide range of names including booklets, brochures, catalogues, corporate brochures, annual reports, funeral and orders of service, wedding programs, magazines and pamphlets. No matter what you call them, you’ll get an instant quote right here.

To make sure we deliver stylish, durable and precise booklets, we offer the two main types binding. Firstly, we have saddle stitching (a.k.a. double stapling) where two stapes are pressed through the spine of the booklet in order to keep the spread pages held together. Secondly we have PUR binding (a.k.a. perfect binding) where the printed pages are aligned, have PVA glue applied to them and then have a sturdy attached to keep everything firmly and neatly in place. If you cant find exactly what you’re looking for then give us a call or drop us an email, as we are also able to offer loop and wire/coil binding options.

Our booklets are available with a professional standard of full colour printing. B&W and with a range of paper weights for both the cover and inner pages. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option then why not have a look at our self-cover, black and white options.

Keep in mind that whether you’re order digital or lithographic print work, your order will be coming off a cutting industry printer. Our off-set work is run on an impressive Heidelberg press whilst our digital operations revolves around both an Indigo and a Konica colour printer. In terms of finishing, we have the ability to use our Scodex process to laminate, foil and spot UV gloss your items, and our Polar guillotine keeps all trimming sharp and crisp.

Booklet Printing: Product Description

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Best Seller: Saddle Stitched
/Double Stapled

Saddle stitching is a perfect solution for cheap and quick orders. Once the spread pages are printed, we stack them in order then insert two staples through the spine in order to permanently bind the pages. This service is extremely quick and low-cost so and is available from both our digital and lithographic/offset presses.

Please note that saddle stitched booklets must have a page number divisible by 4, so 8pp, 12pp, 16pp etc. We can saddle stitch our booklets up to 60pp. After that, we use PUR/glue binding. This product essentially ends up as a professional-looking paperback book.

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Turnaround Times

Using our digital press, we are able to print, stitch and deliver your items within 24 hours in most cases. However, we’re proud to offer an incredibly cheap 4-5 working day booklet printing solution from our lithographic press. This service represents incredibly good value for money especially if you’re ordering 1000+ brochures. Its perfect is you’re producing large numbers of corporate brochures or catalogues. Please note that regardless of which printer you use, courier delivery on all booklets is absolutely free across the entire UK Mainland.

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Perfect for…

No other printed product packs in as much information as a well-designed booklet. In our many years as an online booklet printer, we have found the most popular uses to be for:

-Annual reports for businesses

-Professional product booklets

-Catalogues to show your product range

-Term-cards and booklets for societies

-Mini-guides for student ball’s and events

-Manuals to accompany your company’s product

-Orders of service for funerals, weddings and other special occasions

-Wedding programmes for the big day

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Orders of Service
/Wedding Programs

Have you got an important date coming up? We have a lovely range of orders of service that work well for weddings, funerals and memorial services. They tend to be 8pp or 12pp in length and usually A5 in size. We tend to recommend a thick, matt card for the cover (e.g. 300gsm) followed by a tastefully thick uncoated paper for the inner (e.g. a premium 170gsm stock). This will help bring out the best of your selected text, fonts and images. When printed, folded and stapled, they always come out looking great. If you have a 4pp wedding or funeral program to print, checkout the A4 folded to A5 options on our leaflet printing page. It’s worth noting that this sort of product works equally well for recipe collections, menus and estate agent booklets.

Blue PUR bound booklet

Perfect Binding
/PUR Binding

PUR or perfect binding is the best option to choose if you have 40pp+ to of artwork. With this number of pages, the paper starts to become too thick to staple so perfect binding is the best option for the smart, professional catalogue look. We can perfect bind up to 400 sides of design! The results are great: the PUR glue we use is more flexible and temperature tolerant than a lot of other glue binding options out there. This means your spine and pages will last for ages. Good news all round!

Pink 8pp brochure with the spine facing out

Thick Covers

If you’re looking for that slick, premium and coorporate feel to your product then why not consider a thicker cover? In the instant quote section above you have the option to select the paper thickness you would like for the cover section (i.e. the front cover and back cover section. A really popular option is to spring for a 300gsm cover card stock and keep the inner pages at a more cost-effective 140gsm. The results are great especially for thicker booklets.

What do you need to know about Booklet Printing?:

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