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Top Tips for Printed Booklets

20th July 2015

With's experience in printing a range of brochures from the simplest start-up business booklet through to a glossy high-end production brochure, we have extensive knowledge on how to make the most out of your brochure, booklet, or magazine. So here are our 8 top tips to make your printed brochure a successful marketing tool.


1.       Have a goal

It is easy to start writing or designing a brochure with lots of ideas buzzing around your head, but often this can lead you to go off track. Start thinking about your booklet with your end goal or objective in mind - whether it is to increase awareness, advertise an offer or attract a different audience. With your goal as your centrepiece make sure the design and content used always reflects the final objective of your brochure.


2.     Identify your audience

Once you have your objective you should understand who the audience for your brochure are. They may be existing customers, potential customers, or a whole new audience that you are looking to position your business towards. Your brochure needs to speak to your audience so try to understand what they want to know and what they would be attracted to when designing your booklet.


3.     Have a focus point

Make sure your main message is clearly highlighted in your brochure design. This should be the single most important message or promotion which you want your customer to notice at first glance. You may choose to make this central on your brochure cover design or even opt for a special printing technique such as a foil block or a spot UV to give the booklet real stand out.


4.     Showcase your USP (Unique Selling Point)

What makes your business special, unique and better than your competition? Once you work this out you need to make sure your brochure design showcases your USP and you use it to your advantage. It’s the perfect way to make the brochure work for you and attract new business.


5.     Bring it to life with images

Photography and illustration are a great way to break up the copy used in your brochure and create a visually attractive marketing tool. It is always important to make sure the images you use are relevant and may try to link the photos to those used on other materials such as posters and banners. You must also ensure they are high resolution so they look crisp and eye-catching when they print.


6.     Understand your paper options

You might not realise, but the paper you choose will have a big effect on both the visual look and the tactile feel of your brochure. You can choose from a silk, uncoated or a gloss paper stock. You can also add a premium finish such as a laminate, emboss, spot UV or die-cut which can help raise the profile of your company and enhance the stand out of your booklet.


7.     Give your customers a reason to keep hold of it

If your brochure can have an additional usage, there is more likelihood of a potential client keeping it on their desk and not throwing it out once they feel like it has no further use. There are some simple ideas such as creating a calendar, showcasing helpful tips or including a section for useful notes, which could increase the longevity of your booklet.


8.     Call to action

Last but not least make sure your brochure has a call to action. When your customer has shown interest you need to make it clear what they should do next. Whether this is visiting your website, using a discount code at your shop or joining your mailing list – make sure you dedicate an area of your printed booklet to clearly pointing them in the right direction.


Follow these 8 simple tips and you will produce a brochure which is both stunning and functional and you’ll see the end results in your sales! And don't forget:'s print experts are on hand if you need any help. Just contact us for answers to your queires

Update: for those of you looking to design an order of service online, our sister company - Utterly printable - can help with this. 





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