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Poster Printing


You’ve arrived at our page for online poster printing. We’ve put this page together to make the poster ordering process as simple and easy as possible. Start by selecting the size of poster you need.

Our Sizes

We cover all of the large format sizes: A0, A1 and A2, as well as the extremely cost-effective standard sizes: A3 and A4. We are also able to produce bespoke sized posters. Just let us know what you need.

   Premium Paper

All of our posters are produced on a durable, professional yet cheap 140gsm paper stock. However, you have a choice of gloss, silk/satin or matt finishes. This makes sure you get exactly what you’re after. Regardless of the paper finish, our full colour posters look fantastic and are represent great value for money.



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More about poster printing with StuPrint:

We've been operating online since 2006 we know a few things about digital and lithographic posters. We're here to make sure your posters come out in beautiful, sharp and vibrant colour time-and-time-again. We're also here to make sure that the ordering and delivery process is as quick and easy as possible. To start, simply tell us the specifications you need from the fields above. You'll be given turnarounds times (standard, express and 24 hours) to choose from. Select the quote that suits your requirements and simply proceed through our simple and secure checkout process. Upload your artwork and we'll take care of the rest.

Product Details:

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Bespoke Sizes

We cover all of the traditional poster sizes, including:

A0 A1

A2 A3



These can be very useful to stick to as picture frames are often pre-made to fit these sizes. However, we understand that sometimes designs or application makes bespoke sizing necessary. We are able to print and trim to any dimension so just get in touch to let us know what you need.

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Gloss, Silk/Satin & Matt

We offer 3 different types of finish on our 140gsm stock: gloss, matt & silk/satin:
A shiny and reflective coating to the paper that really makes you poster's colour pop.
Silk/Satin: A smooth and luxurious finish that gives a great professional look.
Matt: Rustic- this paper finish gives a lovely old school affect to the paper.

N.B. if you're going for the matt option on your poster we strongly recommend that you limit the widespread use of dark, block colours. They sit heavily on the page and can give a sort of 'claggy' appearance.

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Perfect for...

Posters are great for getting your message to stand out proud. Full colour posters with an eye-catching design work excellently for this. You might be interested in using your posters for the following occasions or purposes:

-Digital posters for academic conferences

-Long run A3s or A4s for cafes & pubs

-Offset, large posters for use in offices

-Table plans for weddings or ceremonies

Whatever you need them for, we're here to help in a quick and cheap manner.

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Colour vs. Black and White

We can offer our posters in full, glorious colour (4-colours) or in economic black and white (1-colour). Simply make your selection above. With regard to colour printing, we have some great news. Printing in colour does not cost any extra coming off our lithographic press. However, if you're looking to make a saving, why not check out our A3 and A4 digital black and white posters? Because they use only 1 colour (black) instead of 4 (cyan, yellow, magenta and black), the production costs are lower. We pass that saving right on to you good people.

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Digital vs Offset

We produce our posters on both a digital and lithographic/offset printer. Why is this important? Well, it means we can print any dimension of poster on any run size and keep the cost super-cheap. To the untrained eye, there is very little difference in the final product, but there is a massive difference in the price you'll pay. So if you want to print a small number of posters of any size, then take advantage of our digital press. This is also best for runs comprised of multiple designs. Are you printing lots of copies? Our offset printer will take care of business.

 Large, upper case

Large format vs Small Format

In printing terms, large format posters are sized A2 and above. So A3s and A4s would be considered small format. In terms of digital production, this means that we actually use a large format printer to take care of some posters, and our other digital printer to take care of the small format prints. Fortunately, we make sure that our digital printers produce near-enough exactly the same colour each and every time so those of you sticking to brand guidelines can rest easy. We've got this under control.

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