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The power of poster printing

6th July 2015

What is a poster? A poster can be defined as a piece of paper which is designed and printed with the aim of being placed on to an upright panel or wall. Whilst printed posters can be just graphical or typographic often they are a mixture of both used to promote or advertise any given subject, message or event.


Printed posters can be a very strong and powerful method of marketing. Here are 5 key ways in which posters can make an impact:


1. Broad range of communication

A poster has the advantage of being visible to a large number of people from a single location. This ensures that whether people choose to or not they are often subject to a strategically placed poster. Positioning your poster in an area with high footfall and placed at eye level can maximise the impact it has. This ensures it reaches a large number of people every day. Whereas putting up a poster in a hidden quiet area is unlikely to attract much attention.


2. Cost effective

Printing posters can be very cheap especially when done in mass production compared to one at a time. Marketing through TV or radio for example can be a much more expensive method. Poster printing is a great option for those businesses wanting to make sure they have a marketing strategy which is good value for money.


3. Unrestricted promotional timeframe

By putting up a poster in a public area you are often subject to both day and night footfall which could allow you access to different types of audiences across various times of the day. Whilst handing out flyers and leaflets may need personal input, posters can do the job on their own without any time restrictions.


3. Space is not an issue

Posters can come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a limited area to promote in you may choose a small A4 or A3 poster, however if you have a large empty space then opting for a A0 or even larger poster can make a huge impact and help passers by take notice. Poster printing is highly flexible allowing you to choose the best size for your individual needs.


4. High quality printing

Choosing a high quality printing solution for your posters can help maximise the impact to your audience. A low quality printed poster is likely to look tired with muted colours and a high chance of them being easily damaged due to the poor paper stock used. However choosing a high quality print can produce a rich, vibrant and attractive advertisement giving your poster that extra power of persuasion to your audience.


5. Use design to your advantage

Posters provide you with a great empty canvas for making the most of a creative design. When designing your poster you need to ensure you are consistent with the look and feel of your brand, use a mixture of eye-catching fonts and colours and keep the design simple yet effective. The best posters use these simple rules to create a design to which grabs attention and maximises impact.






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