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Leaflet Printing

 Our Leaflets

Leaflets are one of the most popular print mediums; they're perfect for direct mail campaigns, inserts for newspapers or magazines, mini catalogues or premium wedding thank you cards printing. They strike a perfect balance between being quick and easy to read, and being able to carry a substantial amount of information about your brand, business or event. Our printed leaflets are an excellent way to tell people all about you.

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Make a selection from our range of paper weights (100gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm and 300gsm), and in a selection of paper sizes (A3, A4, A5, A6, DL etc.). We also offer four standard finishes for leaflets: Gloss, Silk, Matt and Uncoated.

 Flexible Folding

Regarding fold types, we are able to offer a choice of leaflet folds: half-fold, tri-fold, gate-fold, double gate-fold, Z-fold and accordion fold, allowing you to create just the exact look that you want. Find out more at the bottom of this page.



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More about our folded leaflet service:

Folded leaflets are the perfect way to promote your message whether you're a business or individual. Use them to notify your target audience of developments, promotions and plans for the future. When printing on thick card, they also make excellent folded wedding thank you cards.

Here at StuPrint we have set up an online leaflet printing service that comes in as one of the cheapest in the UK. We are also proud to offer a next day delivery service on all of our options. Just keep an eye out for our express digital service.

Leaflet Printing: Product Description

Pink A4 folded to DL, trifold leaflet icon

Type of leaflets

If you have a piece of paper, we can fold it! We have a wide range of folds on offer here including:




Double Gatefold


Accordion Fold

If you have any questions as to whether a certain type of fold is possible or not then just get in touch. We're here to help!

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Paper Weights

We have a lovely range of paper stocks for you to print with. Here on our website we have the economy 100gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm and premium 300gsm. We're confident that you'll be able to meet any budget or requirements with these options to hand. We are also able to offer all of the above GSMs with a range of finishes including gloss, silk and matt. Just tell us what you'd like and we'll take care of the rest.

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Most Popular

By far and away, the most popular folded leaflet product we have is the A4 tri-fold otherwise known as the 'A4 folded to DL' or 6pp DL. This fantastic little leaflet is an A4 page folded into thirds either in a zig-zag or as a letter fold/gatefold. In this form, you get 6 DL pages to display your text and image content making the perfect way to structure a good amount of information. Other excellent options include the A3 folded to A4 and A4 folded to A5 (both bi-folds). Using this fold type gives you 4pp to work with. No matter the fold though, all of our leaflets represent excellent value for money.


Yellowpencil and compass side-by-side

Bespoke Options

Over the years we have printed and folded paper in virtually every possible way. We have our most popular fold options here on the site. We can, however, produce leaflets with near-enough any fold type. If you have a certain size or fold of leaflet that you need printing then just get in touch to discuss your options.

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Scoring & folding

To be a good printer, attention to detail is crucial. We pay particular attention to the folds in our leaflets, which, as you can imagine, is quite an integral part. When paper gets over 170gsm it becomes difficult to fold as it is too thick. The upshot is that scoring is required. This means we half slice the paper to make folding possible. It means you end up with a professional, smart-looking product that's ready to send out to your customers. We do this quickly to make sure you don't lose any valuable distribution time. The small things matter!

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Discount Offer

Our prices are cheap. But wait…there's more: if you opt to include the logo on your leaflets then you'll receive a nice little 5% discount. Perfect if you're working to a tight budget.

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