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StuPrint's guide to ordering and distributing leaflets

20th July 2015

Your leaflet should consistently communicate the same message and brand ethos as your other collateral do, such as event banners and posters down to your booklets and business cards allowing yourself to build a brand identity for the business. However without being able to get your leaflets out to your audience successfully they can become redundant.



How many to order?


Understanding how many leaflets to print can help you plan your marketing and distribution plans and also save you money. It is easy to underestimate the number of leaflets you may require - for example if you’re aiming for 100 clients, that does not mean your should only order 100 leaflets as you have to work out how many of those leaflets will realistically end up in the hands of a potential customer. Research from mail and hand distributions of leaflets has shown that approximately 1% will reach an end user who may turn their interest in to business. This means that you need to order considerably more leaflets to spread the word of your business far and wide whilst still using targeted marketing to get them to the right people.


As the initial print costs come from the setup of the machines, the printing plates and the ink, you will find that choosing to print a larger order of leaflets such as 5,000+ will be much more cost effective. Think about your marketing strategy and plan for the future when making your order, ensuring you have enough leaflets to last you for a long period of time.



How to distribute?


There are a number of different ways that you can choose to distribute your leaflets which will change dependent on your type of business and the most effective way to reach your target audience. A simple way to start getting word out locally is to put a stack of leaflets in to a popular shop or café where your target audience are known to visit. This way you let people pick them up as and when they please. This is a low cost, a low effort method however it may be a slow way to get the results you want from your marketing leaflet.


Many companies choose to opt for door to door mail distributions, inserting a leaflet in to the letterbox of every home in your target area. You can certainly try to keep costs down by doing some yourself as well as getting friends and family to help out, however if you are looking to distribute a large quantity of leaflets across multiple areas you may choose to use the skills of a professional leaflet distribution service. These companies will be able to distribute leaflets quickly and effectively, freeing up your time to be used more effectively within your business.


Remember the more printed leaflets you get out there the higher the probability of return business. Plus once one person is interested they are likely to pass on the information on the leaflet to their social group meaning you are spreading the word far and wide through a simple leaflet distribution. And don't forget, is here to help with all of you leaflet printing needs. Just get in touch for more information!





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