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Creative advice to design a fantastic event leaflet

20th July 2015

Printed leaflets are a great way of promoting an impactful marketing message and are both easily distributed and cost effective. Whilst there is nothing revolutionary in choosing to produce a leaflet, that does not mean they are not just as successful a form of advertising as they ever were. Regardless of your type of business a well-designed and formatted leaflet with a high quality printed finish can be enough to give you the edge over your competitors.


Using our expertise an experience in producing leaflets we have put together some simple yet vital tips to make the most out of your printed leaflet and ensure you get a high return from marketing events and leaflet distributions be it direct mail, community forums or hand delivery.



1. Text layout and legibility


The end goal of your leaflet is to deliver your brand message and position your business as a professional and confident company. As soon as a potential client picks up a piece of your collateral be it a business card, a booklet or a leaflet, the message needs to be easy to read and clearly communicated. Choose a smart and legible font, make sure you are using a suitable text size for your audience (small text can be difficult and tiresome to read) and try to have a high contrast between the colour of your text and the leaflet background to help account for visual impairments.  You should also consider the structure of your sentences, breaking the text up in to bite-size chunks and using short snappy attention grabbing statements is most impactful.



2. Make the most of the space


A printed leaflet needs to be pleasing to the eye so think about the layout from the mind of the reader who will want to find out the key messages, be attracted by imagery and want to be pulled in to read on. The layout of your content is therefore very important to ensure the aesthetics communicate the professionalism of your business. It is easy to be tempted to cram the space full of information to sell your business, but it really is true that less is more. Whilst the full space of the leaflet should be utilised (don’t just put everything in the middle!), this does not need to be busy and fussy. Keep it clear, usable and functional using design elements to decorate rather than complicate.


3. How to use pictures and photography


‘Pictures speak louder than words’ – ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ – it’s true! There is logic behind these sayings. Whilst your messaging is vital to communicate key information about your business, your product or your services – appropriate use of imagery can really bring your printed leaflets and brochures to life. Make sure the image is well thought out and relevant, there is no point using an adorable puppy to promote your IT services. Also make sure the image is high quality resolution for print to get a clear crisp printed result - if in doubt can check for you.



4. Have a Call to Action


When planning your printed leaflet, consider the end goal. What do you want a potential customer to do? Should they be visiting your website, phoning a number to place an order, or speaking directly to a member of your team at an event? Using a discount code or offer on your marketing leaflet can be a effective way of encouraging your customers to take action, but also a good way to track the success and impact your leaflet and help you learn how to improve your sales.



5. Print quality is key!


So now that you have a clear, impactful leaflet design you need to ensure that your finished printed result is crisp and vibrant and the paper stock feels premium and high quality to match. If you need advice on the best stock to use for your leaflet, is happy to help advise you guaranteeing you make the most of your finished printed leaflet. You can choose from a coated or uncoated paper with a matt, silk or textured finish, or why not try an unusual shape or die-cut to give your leaflet that point of difference. Make sure you save your final artwork in CMYK for print and we’ll do the rest. 





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