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Calendar Printing


You’ve found our page for calendar printing. Here you’ll be able to browse the options available and place your order right here on our website. Simply start by filling in your details below. Once you’ve found an option that suits your budget, add it to your cart and complete the checkout process.


We sell traditional A4 calendars on luxurious 170gsm paper stocks. They can be produced with either a wiro-binding or a double staple binding option. If you can't find what you’re looking for below, just get in touch and we will have a bespoke quote arranged in minutes.

Bespoke Design

You have complete control over what you want to print. Once you’ve gone through the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to upload your design. You can upload anything, a PDF, JPEG, Word document or anything else. If you need help with your design then just give us a call. We’ll be only too happy to help.


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High-quality, low cost calendars are what we do and they're an absolute must have come the start of the year. Whether you're looking for a long run of calendars to raise money for your charity, society or cause, or whether you just want to print a half-dozen to give to the family at Christmas, we're here to help.

Product Description

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We produce our calendars from both a digital and offset press. Which one we use for your order depends on how quickly you need them and how many you want to print. Turnaround times (including delivery) range from just 24 hours up to the economical 6 working day service. All of our orders are courier delivered and we do not charge for this service.

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Calendars for

Large calendars such as A3 and A4 versions looks best hung up on the wall. The important dates in your life are more visible and any photos you've adorned your design with really stand out. We have two options when it comes to hanging calendars including hole punching through the pages and using a loophole wire. The option that best suits your job will depend on the way your artwork is set out. Give us a call if you would like some help with these.

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Help with

Calendars are quite tricky to design correctly. You have to get your photos and logos looking great whilst also worrying about getting your actual calendar element accurate. Fortunately we are pretty good at setting these up so if you need any help just let us know.

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How many

The traditional calendar has 14 or 16 pages depending how you have set your artwork up. We are able to offer any number of pages. We recommend that you got for 14pp. This allows for the top half of each month's page to have a photo whilst the bottom half holds the calendar grid. This also gives you enough space to include a front and back cover. Easy.

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Use some

Calendars look best when full of photos. Whether full-colour or black and white, consider carefully which photos you'd like to use and where they'll look best placed. For those (mainly students!) amongst you who are producing naked calendars for charity, consider theming the photos by month.

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Desk calendars

We are able to produce great quality desk calendars to help you keep track of your working life. Sized at A5, these neat little things sit proudly on your desk. They're also small enough to travel with you wherever you go. They represent great value for money.

Help from our Blog Section:

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