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Our top 5 tips for designing a calendar for print

10th July 2015

Calendars are a commonly used item both in households and in the office. As such they are a great idea as a piece of promotional collateral as they have a yearlong lifespan. Adding your logo discretely on each page can act as a daily reminder of your brand to potential customers. However a boring or lifeless design will never make it to the wall or desk, so we have put together a top tips to design a eye-catching printed calendar to both grab attention, and hold on to it!


1.     Choose a theme

Your theme might be directly related to your company, using images, graphics and colours that represent your brand. However you need to make sure this is not too corporate as your calendar needs to be attractive enough for your audience to use daily. Choose a theme and make sure it has a consistent look and feel from January through to December.


2.     Be selective with images

When it comes to calendar imagery, less is more. Aim to choose high quality and high-resolution imagery, which will look crisp and appealing to your audience. Avoid packing your calendar full of multiple images as this can be distracting and look messy, it will also be harder to find suitable consistent images to use. If you are looking for nice generic imagery but do not have any of your own, why not try some free stock image sites where you can search for particular images and download high resolution versions to use for the pages in your calendar. Once you own the rights to them you can also utilise them on your posters, brochures and leaflets to retain a strong consistent brand identity.


3.     Make it in to a portfolio

Does your company have a range of products, designs or services? If so you could utilise your printed calendar to showcase a different element of your business on each page acting as a fantastic marketing opportunity.


4.     Keep it functional

There are a number of different calendar formats available nowadays so if you are choosing a more unusual and unique format just ensure that it is still functional. At the end of the day, a calendar needs to be usable with a clear and easy to view date system. You could even use this as an opportunity to highlight key event dates for your own company, so make sure they stand out.


5.     Be sustainable

As well as a front and back cover your calendar will need a page for each month of the year. However, you could also opt for a double-sided print, which will half the number of pages needed making it cheaper as well as more sustainable. You could even opt for a sustainable paper stock to show your customers you are environmentally friendly as a business.


Following these 5 top tips you can produce an eye-catching, memorable and successful piece of marketing collateral. Allow your printed calendar to be a useful feature piece whilst keeping your business in the mind of your customers. provides competitive rates on a wide range of professionaly produced print marketing materials, including digital and lithographic invitations, booklets, business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters, stickers, letterheads, calendars and menus.


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