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Common mistakes made when producing a leaflet

20th July 2015

With's experience in managing and printing leaflets for our range of clients we have noticed the most frequent errors that are regularly made when designing and printing leaflets. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you end up with a leaflet which is eye-catching, unique and works functionally as a marketing tool.


The 5 main mistakes to avoid…



1. Making your logo too big

It can be very tempting to take your logo and position it as large as possible on to the cover of your leaflet. Now whilst you certainly don’t want it to be too small, making it too big can be overpowering and dilute the message you are trying to get across. Ask any designer and they will agree that your logo is only a small feature within your brand identity, it is more important to let the branding show through in the use of colours, fonts, graphics and images chosen to be used on your marketing materials be it leaflets, brochures, banners or posters to create a strong and consistent look and feel. So scale back your logo and instead concentrate on an attention grabbing headline and eye-catching design to compliment your business.


2. Concentrating on services, not benefits

Another common mistake is to concentrate on listing your services and your services alone on your leaflet. For example we do this, this and this. However what you should be relaying is what the end benefit for the customer is based on the services you will be providing. If you are designing the leaflet start with the benefits and then summarise the services that will be involved, this way you are immediately highlighting the positive changes for your customers.


3. Being too generic

When you are designing a leaflet, keep in mind that you want to stand out to your audience and be unique. What makes your company special? What makes you better than your competitors? Why are you the best choice for your target customer? By keeping the customer in mind you can tailor your messaging to be bespoke to them, using language they understand and imagery that they will engage with. Your leaflet should be unique to your business and unique to your customer group.


4. Not having a call to action

Ending your leaflet passively leaves your customer at a bit of a loose end. You have designed an attention grabbing informative leaflet to pull them in, but you haven’t left them with an action point. Using a strong call to action on your leaflet gives a sense of urgency, encouraging the customer to act now. Using a discount code or special offer is a great incentive and helps you direct the reader to find out more whether that is by visiting your website, joining a mailing list or getting in touch directly.


5. Only printing on one side

Often we see customers cramming a lot of information on to a single sided flyer. A common misconception is that printing on both sides of your leaflet will cost double the amount, however this is not the case it is actually very cost effective to choose to print a 2 page leaflet. Printing both sides allows you to use the front of the leaflet to pull the customer in by visually selling your brand and your key messages like a front cover of a brochure may do. Whilst the back of the leaflet can be utilised with more informative functional content.



If you can avoid making these errors you can create a leaflet which works for you not against you. Remember there are a number of different leaflet types and printing options available to you at so ask a member of our team for advice on making the most out of your printed leaflets.




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