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What is a Self-Cover?

21st August 2012

This is just a quick little article to explain yet another bit of printer jargon. But read carefully because it’s these little terms that can make all the difference!


What is a self-cover?

Self-covers come into play when dealing with magazine, booklet or brochure orders.  Quite simply, it refers to the outside cover of these products. If the cover is the same paper stock as the inner pages then it is known in the printing world as a self-cover.


To help explain further, lets look at the alternative- the separate cover. This is a common print feature where the outside cover is printed on different, often thicker or glossier stock. Think about the magazines you see around. It can add a more luxurious feel but can also cost a fair bit more. is proud to offer both self- and separate covers in our product lists helping you, the customer, get exactly what you want out of your print budget.


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