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designing and printing a ‘destination’ wedding invitation

14th August 2015

Here are our top ideas to ensure you cover all bases and produce a fantastic invite for your chosen destination.

Content is key


Choosing to get married abroad is an exciting prospect not just for the bride and groom but also for your chosen guests. However it is also a much bigger ask to expect them to travel far and wide so it is important to provide your guests with all the key information on your wedding invites. Remember to include the following:

·      Where? – Where are you getting married? Tell your guests a little about the destination itself and use your invite as an opportunity to tell them why it is special to you.

·       How? – How will they get there? It is likely your guests will need to organise flights, ferries or trains to get to your destination. Do some initial research to provide them with all the information they need to make their travel plans as easy as possible. If you do have a lot of information then a printed A6 or A5 booklet could be a great way to go to.

·      Stay? Look up accommodation and give them a range of potential options. This should cover all price ranges and personalities allowing them to pick the place that suits them best.

·      Other? Of course you still need to include the standard information on your invitations such as the date and time of the big day, but you may also like to include a little extra information such as recommended local restaurants, expected weather conditions and dress code for the day. The key to your destination wedding invite is ensuring your guests have all the information they need to make the process nice and simple.



Travel inspired design


Nothing builds excitement for a wedding like receiving your personal invitation. Choosing to get married abroad gives you the perfect excuse to have a little fun and be creative with your design. Here are our top ideas for a travel themed invitation.

·      Map inspired invitations – Location, location, location. What better way to excite your guests than making your design out of a map of your destination? There are some great map design ideas out there and you can use illustrations or hand drawn features to show your journey.

·      Passport inspired invitations – This is a very popular trend for those getting married abroad as a passport design works perfectly as a holding device for that ever important information. It also allows you to have lots of fun with bespoke stamps and quirky features to put in to your ‘passport invite’. Check out our booklet section for instant quotes on passport invitations.

·      Postcard inspired invitations – Another great idea is to create an invite that looks like a postcard from your destination. This is an opportunity to use beautiful imagery from your location which is bound to get your guests excited.



Destination inspired design


Another idea for your invitations is to focus on the type of destination you have chosen. You can bring in aspects of the country, weather and theme to get your guests buzzing about the big day. Here are a few ideas for the most popular destination themed wedding invites.

·      Beach wedding invite – Think sun, think sand, think sea. There are so many aspects of a beach wedding that lend themselves perfectly to inspiring and exciting your invitation.

·      Snowy wedding invite – You can liven up your wintery wedding invite by showcasing a ski resort in the mountains or a picturesque scene of snowflakes and glistening snow.

·      City wedding invite – If you have chosen a well known city such as Rome, Paris, New York or Venice as your destination, why not link to it on your invite by bringing in famous landmarks in a creative way.

·      Tropical wedding invite – Well this one is easy, you have a scenic view of palm trees and coconuts to whisk your guests away in to a tropical paradise!



A wedding is exciting enough on it’s own, but jetting off to another country adds a new layer of excitement. We hope our suggestions have given you some great ideas. Use these to your advantage and create an inspirational and informative printed invite to enthuse your lucky guests.




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