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Printing and Designing stylish wedding invitations with a modern twist

14th August 2015

With non-traditional and quirky wedding themes becoming more and more popular in recent years, couples are wanting to find something a little unusual for their invites. This can be a tricky brief to give a designer as often they are unsure of exactly what they want, but know they want it to be different yet stylish.

We are revealing three great ways to give an invite that creative edge, whilst ensuring it has the class and sophistication that the wedding deserves.

1. Monograms

A monogram is created by combining two letters of the couples’ names to form a singular stamp or symbol. For a wedding invitation this is a fantastic device as it is hugely versatile and can be used on signage, menus and name cards in addition to acting as a seal on a belly band or envelope for your invites. What makes a monogram so special is the unique make-up of the symbol by combining a letter from each of the couples’ names, you can also make sure the style links to the theme of the wedding to be confident you are creating a consistent look and feel from the invite through to the wedding day.

2. Ornate calligraphy

Creating beautiful ornate calligraphy is all about finding the perfect typeface. A font can make you feel emotion and express sentiment. Printing a rich and stylised font on a thick textured paper can create a bespoke invitation that carries meaning as well as words. This trend is best used with limited colours and simplistic copy allowing the beautiful calligraphy and selective printing style to do the talking.

3. Photographic stationery

With photos being a big part of everyday life, a couple are bound to have a surplus supply of photographs which sum up their relationship, or may even have chosen to do a bespoke engagement shoot to find that perfect picture. Nothing makes a wedding invitation more personal than featuring the couple themselves in the design. The best thing is that the photo can dictate the style, whether you are looking to keep your invites more formal or go for a more relaxed and laid back theme.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect design get in touch with us at and we can help you decide on the ideal format, paper and printing technique to help you break tradition with your modern and personalised invitations.



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