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Our 10 top tips for creating promotional flyers

20th July 2015

Printed flyers are a fantastic way of advertising and promoting your event or business in a quick, easy and cheap finished format. They are a useful marketing tool for both small and large businesses and benefit from being easily distributable and cost effective. 

Due to the flexible nature of printed flyers you can get anything from a short digital print run if you need to update the content regularly; or you can choose a large bulk order or flyers which are easily stored and are very good value for money. A flyer has the added benefit of being easy for the end user to pick up and glance over, so as long as your content is engaging you can attract your customer with key messages whilst also providing them the information that they need to find out more.


To make the most out of your printed flyers here are 10 simple tips for you to follow to ensure you have a flyer to successfully promote your business:


1.     Brand your flyer – Make sure you clearly display your company branding and image so there is no chance of being mistaken for a competitor. The branding should be consistent with all your other materials such as posters, banners, leaflets, brochures/booklets and business cards.


2.     Create a focus – Whether it is a discount, a new product, a specific event or a special service, work out what your key take home message is and make this the focal point on your flyer.


3.     Creative but clear – Whilst you want your flyer design to be eye-catching and memorable, don’t cram it full on small detail. Customers will get bored or find it confusing and stop reading. When designing your flyer remember the simple rule - ‘less is more’.


4.     Clean layout – It is easy to get carried away with making your flyer ‘look different’ however don’t lose sight of the end goal of your flyer. You need to keep your key information in a clear, clean and usable format with a readable font both in size and colour.


5.     Use a ‘Call to Action’ – After they have engaged with your flyer you want to keep your customer intrigued. Using a call to action such as a discount to encourage them to get in touch is a great way to ensure you make an impact with your flyer.


6.     High quality printing – Now your flyer has a great design, you need to make sure the print quality is good enough to match. Choosing a low quality print solution can make you look lazy and unprofessional. At we understand our clients individual needs and only settle for the best results be it digital or litho print for our printed flyers.


7.     Proof your flyer – We can’t emphasize enough the importance of proofchecking and spellchecking your flyer before sending it to print. A grammatical error can again make you look unprofessional to a potential client, plus if you notice it too late you may have to fork out for a reprint of your flyers.


8.     Set it up for print – Check your logo and images are all high resolution, they should be at 300dpi for print and set to CMYK for a normal full colour print. You should then put 3mm bleed on to your flyer which allows for a neat trim when printed.


9.     Get the quantity right – It is always best to over order than under order. Economies of scale show that printing double the amount does not cost double the price. So work out how many flyers you need and then add on 20% to be on the safe side.


10. Finally… Take a fresh look at your flyer from the perspective of your target audience. Would you trust the company? Does it look professional? Is the information clear? If all the answers are yes then you know you’re ready to print!




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