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All you need to know about flyer printing

20th July 2015

Why might you choose to create a flyer?


-       Promote services: A flyer can be an easy way of promoting goods and services by marketing your offerings to the mass public in a simple, eye-catching fashion.

-       Advertise events: A flyer has just the right amount of room to tell people what, where and when you are holding an event. It is a great way of giving out information and can be a cheap way to invite people to attend. This could be a flyer advertising a festival, fair or social night.

-       Communicate messages: Whether it is political, social or religious, flyers are often used by organisations to inform the general public of the message of their group.



Why opt for a printed flyer?


With the emergence of digital formats, flyers can be created and received online. However a physical printed flyer can have a larger impact by leaving a deep and lasting impression with the reader. Flyers are easily distributable to a large number of recipients or groups with minimal effort and minimal cost. You are able to get across to people and groups you may normally not interact with and who’s details you would not have access to in order to communicate with directly. Flyers allow you to broaden your access point and advertise your service, event or message to hundreds or even thousands of people.



How to order your print flyers?


From a simple digital flyer, to a thick gloss laminated flyer, there are a number of printed options available to you. The type of flyer you choose should be dependent on your own goals, whether these are a small print run of high quality bespoke marketing flyers, or a very large lithographic order of simple flyers for mass production. Whatever your aims there is a printed flyer to suit your needs.


You also need to consider the quantity of flyers you choose to order. Ordering a larger number of flyers will be more cost effective per unit, so it is worthwhile if you will need more flyers in the future and if you have opted for a generic design with greater longevity. On the other hand if your flyer needs to be updated more often with fresh content you may opt for a small run which can be amended and reprinted on a regular basis.


Here are our team is happy to help with any queries you may have when producing your flyer, whether that is with your design, content or print requirements. We have years of experience in printing high quality flyers and will be happy to help you find the best flyer solution for your company. Just get in touch for more information






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