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How to get maximum stand out from your printed materials at events

20th July 2015

Here are some of our top tips on how to make viewers stand back and take notice of your event space through posters, banners and more to give your stand the ultimate wow factor.


Grab attention


When you are showcasing your business at an event or trade show you will not be surrounding by other stands, so you need your printed materials to give you an edge over your competition. Banner stands are a great way to use your available space and get noticed from a far. Make sure your brand logo is shown high and clear on your banners and posters to attract customers and remind them of who you are when they approach your stand. Banners have the added benefit of not requiring use of your event table or wall space, freeing these areas up to be utilised for posters, flyers, leaflets and brochures.


Use a QR code


Placing a QR code on your posters or leaflets is a quick and easy way of interacting with a potential client. You can both collect information from them and allow a direct access point for them to learn about your business. This could be used to let them discover your website, or perhaps link from a poster to a specific discount or deal that you are advertising for the event.


Showcase your brand colours


As well as a pull up banner or poster you could choose a produce a fully printed backdrop or large curved banner stand. This creates a background for your whole stand allowing you to show off your brand colours. Keep it simple with your logo, tagline and branding, allowing the colours of your brand to make a big impactful effect across the banner stand.


Utilise your posters


Rather than just using a single poster with the same message, think about creating a suite of posters to reflect the different services and benefits of your company. These should use a consistent poster template whilst also standing out from each other. This is how you start to create and show off your brand identity.


Promotional gifts


Trade shows are a perfect occasion for potential customers to wander around and see what is on offer, and trust us - a giveaway gift never hurts! Make sure you brand your giveaway item with your logo and a call to action, and a printed poster could be a great gift as everyone loves a freebie!


Be unique


A nice design isn’t enough - you need to be unique. Think about what your posters and banners should be saying about your business. Do your research on your competition as you don’t want to look like everyone else. A bespoke design can make all the difference.


Remember your posters and printed products need to work for you, so use these helpful tips to make the most of your stand trade event and truly showcase your business to your new customers





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