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3 top tips to design the perfect printed banner

20th July 2015

Choosing to produce a printed banner is a fantastic way to maximise your promotional requirements, give you maximum stand out and showcase your business or brand. There are a range of options from large PVC banners to simple roller banner solutions, meaning there is something to suit all purposes. Here at we are experts in the field, with many years of experience in helping businesses maximise their potential through printed materials from business cards and leaflets through to booklets and posters, and we want to share our insight with you to help you make the most out of your printed banner.



1. Less is more


It is a simple rule but one that makes all the difference. It is very tempting to use a banner to get across every possible message and cram it full of content and images, however from an end user perspective big, bold and simple messaging and graphics is the most effective way to grab attention as well as looking professional and confident.


2. Clever use of colour


The high quality stock used on our vinyl banners and roller banners mean they produce a vibrant full colour print, so your design should always maximise the use of colour. Think about the environment – where will your banner be positioned? What does your competition look like? - You can then use colour to ensure you stand out from the crowd. If you are an established business be sure to use your brand colours and clearly position your logo towards the top of the banner, this will make sure you develop a consistent brand identity throughout your marketing material.


3. Count your words


A passer-by needs to know who you are and what you offer in the simplest way possible. Using a large amount of written text can look busy, messy and be off putting to your audience. Try to work out your key message or brand values and make this big and bold. A short and striking message or graphic will work a hundred times better than a hundred words. You want your banner to grab attention and pull in the viewer, not bore them.



These are our 3 key tips for designing a perfect printed banner to enhance your promotions. If you are looking for any more advice, or for help choosing the best printed solution for your company get in touch with our friendly team at today.





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