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creating the perfect wedding invitation

14th August 2015

We have put together our 5 top considerations that can get overlooked amongst the excitement…


1.     What is your budget?

One of the first decisions to make is what is your budget going to be. With money to spend on so many elements of your wedding day you need to have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend on your invitations. Make sure you take in to account the design, paper stock, printing and postage – you may even be sending invites internationally so all of these elements need to be factored in to the overall cost. Whilst there are some lovely finishing touches such as die-cut shapes, foiling or letterpress, if these are outside of your budget and classic and simply designed invitation can work just as well.


2.     Consider your timings carefully

You have probably worked out exactly when you would like your guests to receive their invitations. Customarily this would be 10-12 weeks in advance to allow around 6 weeks for your guests to reply with their RSVP’s. However have you taken in to account the time it tastes to design, print, personalise and send your printed invites? Always overestimate - allowing yourselves plenty of time to choose a design and make any tweaks to the overall look as well as the wording. You will likely need 1-2 weeks for the actual printing, and possibly more if you go for a bespoke printed finish plus another 1-2 weeks for personalising and posting. So allow yourself time, so you can enjoy the process of creating your invitations in a relaxed and rush-free environment.


3.     Keep it simple

Your wedding invitation needs to spark excitement and melt the hearts of your guests. Overcomplicating your invites can be confusing, so only give them the key bits of information and instead set up a simple wordpress website for further details. The design should also be straight forward, keeping fonts and colours to a minimum and selecting a couple of key design elements rather than packing your invitations full of motifs and logos.


4.     Appreciate your paper

Choosing the correct paper stock for your invitations speaks volumes about your wedding. What do you want your guests to see, to feel or even smell when they receive your printed wedding invite? Whether you are choosing to have a slick hotel wedding, or a bohemian beach wedding, you can bet there is a suitabke paper stock to match the look and feel. You also need to consider whether your invitation needs to be folded or simply go in to an envelope whole. This will affect the weight of paper which would be appropriate to use. A stationery supplier or designer will be able to give you a sample pack of paper stocks to help you choose the perfect paper for your printed invites.


5.     Choose your envelope first

A common mistake to make in the excitement of designing your wedding invites is waiting until it is too late to realise you cannot find an envelope to match. The envelope is the parcel that holds your invitation and it is just as important that the paper stock, size and colouring of your envelope is consistent with the invite itself. So think envelope first, invite second.


Once you have considered these 5 key elements you are ready to get started, so get in touch with us at to help turn your invitation dreams in to a reality.




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